‘We Should Repair This.’ John Oliver Casts a Vote for Improved Election Safety on Final Week Tonight

‘We Must Fix This.’ John Oliver Casts a Vote for Improved Election Security on Last Week Tonight

There’s a significant state election on Tuesday, so John Oliver devoted this week’s Final Week Tonight to voting, which “amongst different the issues it’s the one option to get Sean Spicer off of Dancing with the Stars,” he joked. After displaying a montage of Donald Trump’s former press secretary dancing, Oliver begged, “Please America, put this man out of everybody’s distress.”

Prematurely of Tuesday’s election, Oliver had one query: How a lot do you belief the system that counts your ballots? In the course of the 2016 election, the Russians tried to hack voting methods in all 50 states, in line with Oliver.

“They’re Russians, there are exactly three issues that they’re good at: hacking, hockey, and writing books so unhappy they make you wish to drink a potato.”

And because the voting machines become old, in line with Oliver, they’re more and more susceptible to exploitation. In the course of the 2000 presidential election, he stated, the race between George W. Bush and Al Gore resulted in Florida, which used punch-card ballots with their now notorious hanging chads.

“Very like the third elimination in each season of The Bachelorette, all of it got here all the way down to the chads.”

The end result was that Individuals turned nervous about punch card ballots and invested closely in new digital voting tools. However, alleges Oliver, that tools will be liable to breaking and in some states is stuffed with safety flaws. “Georgia’s election system operates on the similar degree of technical proficiency as each dad,” Oliver joked.

In accordance with Oliver, each voting machine will be tampered with, so the answer isn’t to make unhackable machines, however to make them as safe as attainable. To clarify why that’s essential, he then confirmed a clip of Vladimir Putin “joking” that he was going to try to affect the U.S. election—once more. Congress, Oliver says, ought to allocate cash for voting machines that don’t connect with the Web to restrict hacking and have a paper path in case of digital errors.

“We are able to repair this and we should repair this, as a result of it’s critically essential for folks to trust in our voting machines,” Oliver stated. “We must always have extra religion in our system for selecting our leaders than the one which inexplicably retains Sean Spicer doing the cha-cha on nationwide TV.”

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