Web Smitten With a Betrayed Cat Observing Its Proprietor Bonding With New Kitten

Internet Smitten With a Betrayed Cat Observing Its Owner Bonding With New Kitten

A real cat combat is about to go down.

No animal has ever appeared so damage as this cat watching its proprietor bond with a brand new kitten.

The grey cat in query was seen completely steaming in a viral video, as his proprietor performed with a brand new, youthful, tinier (and, dare we are saying cuter?) blonde. “The look of utter betrayal,” Twitter user @MerielMyers wrote on Monday, utilizing some superb pun work.


The video has been considered greater than 560,000 occasions, as a result of who doesn’t love viral cat movies? Some customers interpreted the grey cat’s emotional second as a calculation of what it was pondering, with one person saying he would “make it appear like the orange cat ‘ran away.’”

For the sake of the grey cat, we hope the jealousy subsides, and for the sake of the orange kitten, we pray for its security.

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